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“The Heart of the Peace” region is at the very center of the Peace Country, approximately halfway between the City of Grande Prairie and Town of Peace River. Fairview area is a key commercial and services center for Agriculture, Oil & Gas sector and Commercial retailers, with a total estimated trade population of 11,000. In addition, Fairview is home to a campus of the Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC) offering animal sciences, trades and the only authorized Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Mechanic program in Canada. Additionaly offered is the ThinkBIG Service Technician Diploma. The ThinkBIG Service Technician program is a unique partnership between GPRC, Caterpillar Inc., and Finning Canada, Caterpillar’s largest dealership worldwide. GPRC is the only post-secondary institution in Canada to offer this globally recognized training program, which is custom-formulated to meet Alberta Apprenticeship examination requirements.

The Heart of the Peace is a perfect location for professionals and families looking for safe, uncongested and affordable living with all the amenities, yet still enjoying the beauty and the tranquillity of the country lifestyle. The Town offers affordable subdivisions and the Municipal District has plenty of farmland and acreages in a rural environment as well as urban community living in the hamlets of Whitelaw and Bluesky. Local amenities include schools, subsidized daycare, hospital, seniors lodge, churches, Fairplex Arena, indoor aquatic center, fitness centers including racquetball and squash courts, curling rink, golf course, baseball diamonds, soccer pitches, equestrian centre (closed ATM), ultra-light flight school at the Airport, downhill and cross country ski facilities, and walking trails and other recreational areas on the Peace River including, The Maples Day-use Picnic Area, Pratt’s Landing Recreational Area and Provincial Historical Dunvegan.

The hamlet of Bluesky offers an outdoor skating rink, ball diamonds and outdoor stage facility. Whitelaw offers an outdoor skating rink as well as a curling rink.

There are many opportunities for industrial and commercial development; high water capacity and raw land is available and could be easily rezoned to meet your needs. There are three industrial parks within the town limits as well as sand and gravel operations in the Municipal District. The Municipal District offers cable and wireless internet solutions. Untapped opportunities for expansion can be found within value-added agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, clean energy, technology, and tourism sectors. A retail gap analysis concluded that the area has a demand for an additional 27,000 sq feet of floor space for new businesses, and there are affordable storefront locations to meet that demand. Some premium highway lots are also currently available. The specific areas of interest are within franchises and specialty stores, groceries, food and beverage, furniture and appliance, clothing and Auto / RV.

Heart of the Peace Economic Development (HOPED) and Fairview and District Chamber of Commerce are dedicated to providing a pro-business environment, business start-up events and other resources to make your venture a reality.























Fairview is truly the Heart of the Peace Country; long summer days, open spaces, beautiful northern lights and tons of potential. Located in northern Alberta at the junction of Highways 2, 64A and 732, the region covers a land area of 1398.94 km2 (540.134 sq mi). Within this area, there is the Town of Fairview and two hamlets, Whitelaw and Bluesky, both located in the boundaries of the M.D. of Fairview No. 136. The M.D. of Fairview No. 136 is approximately 100 km north of the City of Grande Prairie on the north bank of the mighty Peace River. The Town of Fairview is located approximately 115 km from the City of Grande Prairie, 80 km southwest from the Town of Peace River, 151 km from Dawson Creek, BC and 191km from Fort St. John, BC. Fairview’s Daily Annual Traffic Counts amount to roughly 5,000 vehicles per day.

The Heart of the Peace is an ideal location, providing easy access to three major airports offering commercial flights; Grande Prairie, Peace River, Fort St. John and Dawson Creek. The M.D. of Fairview operates the Fairview Municipal Airport, which is set up to utilize a cargo service. The Fairview Municipal Airport is approximately two miles west of the Town of Fairview. The elevation is 2166 ft., runway dimensions are 3492′ x 75’ (1065m x 22.86m) with an automated lighted runway, GPS landing and weather station to enhance the airport service. The new 2000 sq. ft. terminal was built in 2015 and offers accessible washrooms, pilots lounge area, public waiting area and a meeting room to rent for up to 15 people. There is a fuel cardlock system available at the airport for sale of AV gas fuel and jet fuel. The Fairview Municipal Airport allows under-wing camping and has 10 hangar lots available for lease. Approximately 280 acres of land surrounding the airport is vacant and leased for farming, however, portions of the land that is owned by the M.D. may be suitable for an airport-related development.


Access to rail is within close proximity, as near as 48 km, available at the Village of Rycroft, the Town of Grimshaw and the Town of Peace River.

Fairview is also near the Peace River Oil Sands and at the very center of the Montney Formation. The Montney Formation’s potential for Canada’s natural gas market is strong. The output from the Montney has doubled since 2012 and now comprises a third of Western Canada’s natural gas production. By 2040, the NEB projects it will make up more than half of the country’s production.

The Fairview area is the “Heart of the Peace” region; with plenty of opportunities it is at the very center of a vast region and a truly strategic location being the service center for agriculture, oil & gas sector and commercial retailers.





Prism Diversified Clear Hills Project will feature long-term production of steel to support the growing demand for high-strength, low alloy steel and ferrovanadium products in the aerospace and automotive industries, in addition to major infrastructure and renewable energy projects. The Town of Fairview and major well-developed infrastructure – including rail, highways, an airport and a college – – will support up to 1,000 full-time mining and manufacturing jobs at full production, estimated to commence production operations in 2020.






The Amisk Hydroelectric project is proposed for the Peace River approximately 15 km upstream of the Highway 2 Bridge at Dunvegan in the M.D. of Fairview. The Amisk facility would operate as run-of-river with potentially a limited extent of active storage. Run-of-River is a term used to describe hydroelectric facilities that do not have significant long-term storage. To generate the equivalent amount of electricity as the Amisk project with utility-scale solar generation would require over 4,000 hectares of land. The proposed design incorporates fish ladders to allow migratory fish passage and various options are being evaluated for boat transportation around the dam structure including boat lock, portage system, and boat launches upstream and downstream of the dam. Following regulatory approvals, final design and construction could commence as early as 2018 and the Project could be operational as early as 2023.




The Total Trade Area (PTA + STA) population is estimated for 2017 to be approximately 11,000. This population is forecast to generally remain in and around that level over the foreseeable future. Within the Total Trade Area, the Primary Trade Area (PTA) is estimated to have a population around 7,500 residents, while the Secondary Trade Area (STA) is comprised of an additional 3,500 residents.

Fairview’s retail floor space is comprised of approximately 103 retail premises that range from grocery stores to restaurants to personal services such as optometrists and salons. Clearly, the Town of Fairview is the dominant retail area with 92 businesses totalling 383,158 sq ft. Total new retail space demand by the year 2022, without new population growth, is predicted to be up to 27,300 sq ft. Please refer to the Retail Market Analysis for more details.

Household income over the 5-year period 2016 to 2021 is an estimated average $95,000 and there is a relatively large component of the Total Trade Area (16%) that has an average household income over 125,000.

The Total Trade Area is estimated at $124.6 million (2017 year-end estimate).

The top five retail spending categories for the Total Trade Area are:

  1. Grocery & specialty foods – $30.3 million
  2. Auto / RV / Motorsport – $23.8 million
  3. Home furnishings, electronics & appliances – $8.1 million
  4. Clothing & apparel – $9.0 million ($11.2 million including footwear)
  5. Alcohol & tobacco – $8.2 million


The retail gap analysis shows a demand for franchises and specialty stores.

There are several opportunities within the retail sector such as:
grocery store, flower shop, clothing store, locksmith, butcher, baker, dry cleaner, automatic car wash, furniture and appliance, coffee shops, restaurants, entertainment, and audiologist

  • grocery store
  • flower shop
  • clothing store
  • locksmith
  • butcher
  • baker
  • dry cleaner
  • automatic car wash
  • furniture and appliances
  • coffee shop
  • restaurant
  • entertainment
  • audiologist



With Agriculture being a prominent industry in the area, The Municipal District of Fairview No. 136 has adopted the “Code of the West” which honours the rural way of life as a philosophical guideline for the Municipality. Fairview area contains Canada’s northernmost lands suitable for agriculture.

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The Heart of the Peace is centrally located within a vast region of active oil and gas exploration and production activity. The municipality is located within the eastern boundary of the liquids-rich Montney formation, a world-class resource-rich area covering 50,000 square miles and involving current exploration and development of natural gas liquids, oil and gas.

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There are multiple sand and gravel operations in the Heart of the Peace. The MD of Fairview No. 136 owns and operates one of the gravel pits; raw material is crushed on a two to three-year cycle. The municipality sells raw, screened and limited crushed gravel from its facility. Prices are set to not compete with local gravel pit operators, yet offer a reduced cost for limited crushed gravel to taxpayers for use on their property within the municipality.

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The Town of Fairview Development Incentive Program is a tax incentive program with the purpose of stimulating business/residential expansion and development within the Town of Fairview. The purpose is to decrease the number of vacant lots as well as encourage improvements and expansions in order to increase the long-term commercial and residential assessment and improve the community. The M.D. of Fairview is committed to encouraging new development and offers incentives on a case by case basis.

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From a demographic perspective, almost one quarter (23%) of the Total Trade Area population has a College, CEGEP or other non-university certificate or diploma with a further 8% having a bachelor degree.

The following represents a summary of the Town and M.D.’s labour force in the primary and secondary trade areas; the largest employment sector in both trade area levels is Management at 28% of total labour force, followed by Trades, transport and equipment operators and related at (25%) and sales and service at (17%). There is a larger industry and manufacturing related labour force in the secondary trade area, where light industry or manufacturing and related services is a major employment sector within the Heart of the Peace region.



Fairview area is a prime location for development, with suitable subdivisions, adequate water, roads, and sewers; all the infrastructure requirements for well-planned development. There are no hook-up fees in the Town of Fairview. ATCO provides Fairview’s natural gas and electricity. Fairview’s town water is pumped from the Mighty Peace River into the town reservoirs. With plenty of reserve capacity, Fairview has a high-quality water supply for residential, commercial and/or industrial use. The North Peace Gas Coop provides gas services within the M.D. of Fairview.

Water sources in the M.D. of Fairview include a natural spring water well. The spring water quality is excellent but as it is untreated, it is posted as unpotable water. Residents may obtain water at the spring site from a truck fill station operated by the MD of Fairview. There are truck fill stations in the hamlets of Bluesky and Whitelaw as well which provide treated water for hauling to rural residents. The water source for water distributed in the hamlet of Bluesky is Town of Fairview water. The water source for distribution in the hamlet of Whitelaw is chlorinated water pumped from the natural spring site. Some rural households access Town of Fairview water through the services of the Fairview Rural Water Coop. The Municipal District has several wireless internet providers in the area.

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A wonderful environment for young individuals, families and retirees, Heart of the Peace offers easy access to all the services and amenities; several schools, daycare, hospital, a top-notch senior citizens complex, seniors housing, fitness facilities, art center, community halls, churches and many recreational facilities, clubs and associations. Fairview boasts a variety of health care resources such as the Fairview Health Complex, which is an acute care facility offering 24-hour emergency care, an intensive care unit, obstetrics, pediatrics, rehabilitation, and palliative care, the Fairview Medical Clinic and various forms of alternative health practices such as dental clinic, chiropractor, physiotherapy.

Right next to the GPRC Fairview College campus is the Fairview Regional Aquatic Centre which has a water-slide, a zero-depth wading pool, a 25m lap pool, a Tarzan swing, monkey bars, a whirlpool, and a climbing wall. Hawker Equestrian Pavilion offers full service boarding and public riding. There is golfing at the Fairview Golf Club; the beautiful Cummings Lake area offers nature exploration and miles of tranquil trails; skating at the Fairplex arena, skiing at the Fairview Ski Hill and cross country ski trails, curling, bowling and much more.

Many residents take advantage of the recreational and cultural activities in the area including rivers, lakes, ATV trails, The Maples Park, Pratt’s Landing Recreation Area, and Historic Dunvegan.

Several events are offered throughout the year such as the famous Volunteer Fire Department Canada Day Fireworks, the popular family Summer’s End Festival, the Peace Classic Wheels Car Show, Annual Lions Old Time Country Music Festival, Seniors’ BBQ and Fairview Amateur Rodeo.

Visit the breath-taking Historic Dunvegan Park which is host to northern Alberta’s longest suspension bridge. Fairview Airport also offers an annual fly-in breakfast, an Ultra-Light flight training school and the Fairview Aircraft Restoration Society with famous restored World War II bomber, the CANSO.

For detailed community listings, please view the recent Community Guide.


The Fairview area offers a wide variety of educational outlets, with many options available for both young and adult students. Below is a brief description of some of the different types of education and childcare available in the Fairview region.


The GPRC Fairview Campus delivers state-of-the-art career programs & specialty training. Students benefit from smaller class sizes coupled with high quality personalized instruction, ensuring comprehensive opportunities for the learners of our region as well as students from across Canada and around the world. Programs include hands-on training to give graduates a head start in their chosen field. Instruction in selected programs is provided in learning centres through both classroom instruction and video conference. The completed $10 million residence and campus upgrades provides students and facilty with a modern and accessible campus.


Fairview High School offers complete programming for grades seven through twelve. The schools programming covers both academic and non-academic courses coupled with a large variety of electives. In Junior High students are offered Industrial Arts, Home Economics, and French as well as Art and Computer programs. Partnered with GPRC – Fairview High offers the senior high students the opportunity to use the fitness center in the Physical Education classes and Sports Performance studies.


St. Thomas More School is located in the Town of Fairview and offers Catholic based education from Kindergarten through to grade twelve and offers a wide variety of resources and features such as a classroom support teachers, a family school liaison worker, community center, fitness center, speech and language, occupational therapy & physical therapy services and a new foods lab.


E.E. Oliver Elementary School serves students from a specialized Stepping Forward program through until sixth grade and is located on a large parcel of land in the Town of Fairview. This state of the art school consists of 15 permanent classrooms with smart boards, a 2300+ square foot library, a garden, 2 large playgrounds and a variety of modern technology such as iPads, laptops, Chromebooks and tower gardens!

GPRC Fairview Campus


The North Peace Community Adult Learning Centre offers training and skill development in Microsoft Office, English, Literacy, Workplace Essential Skills and a wide variety of general interest courses. Promoting and providing lifelong learning within the Town and M.D. of Fairview.


The Fairview and Area Learning Store is an outreach school serving between 50-100 Fairview and surrounding area students per year. We offer a full highschool program with a variety of optional courses delivered either in print or online on a timetable of your choosing.


The Child’s World Daycare creates and provides a stimulating environment so that all needs of each child are met in order for them to grow to their fullest capacity to which they are capable of achieving. The daycare strives to offer programming that is flexible to meet the developmental needs of the children with an age-appropriate curriculum and a curriculum sensitive to the capabilities of each child.

St Thomas More School


Outdoor Arena
Outdoor Arena
Splash Park
Splash Park
Indoor Arena
Indoor Arena
Dunvegan Trails & Picnic Area
Fairview Regional Aquatic Centre
Fairview Regional Aquatic Centre
Zero-Depth Pool Entrance
GPRC Fitness Centre
Fairview Ski Hill
Fairview Ski Hill
Fairview Ski Hill
Fairview Curling Club
Unchuga Lanes
Cummings Lake Trail system
Fairview Golf Course & Country Club
Cummings Lake Recreation Area
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Fairview has a diverse offering of amenities, such as the Cummings Lake Trail, a year-round trail system which wanders through town, country, golf course, wetlands, boreal forest, play fields and campground picnic areas! Or the Fine Arts Centre where you can purchase unique northern art or learn to create your own. Enjoy glow bowling at the bowling alley or a swim at the Fairview Regional Aquatic Centre which is host to a water-slide, a zero depth wading pool, a 25 metre lap pool, a Tarzan swing, monkey bars, a whirlpool, and a climbing wall. . Visit the breath-taking Historic Dunvegan Park which is host to northern Alberta’s longest suspension bridge. No matter what your age, there is lots to see and do in the Heart of the Peace.

The Fairview area boasts a large variety of recreational facilities and activities such as:

  • Outdoor splash park
  • Indoor and outdoor skating arenas
  • Skateboard & BMX park
  • Bowling alley
  • Games arcade
  • Fishing
  • River boating
  • Skiing
  • Tennis courts
  • Hawker Riding Pavilion
  • Golf course
  • Mini golf
  • Fine Arts Centre
  • Family parks
  • Campgrounds & day use areas
  • Year-round trail system
  • Hiking trails
  • Fitness Centres
  • Curling Rink

and plenty of local sports groups and activities to join! Check out the Town of Fairview Community Guide.


Rich in History the Fairview area contains a vast array of arts and cultural activities and museums to enjoy. One signature sight to see is Historic Dunvegan Provincial Park, a seasonal historic site that tells the story of First Nations people fur trade and mission history. Tours are offered of three fully restored historic buildings and a film and gallery are available in the modern visitors’ centre.

The Fairview Fine Arts Centre is the hub of the cultural community in Fairview. Building upon Fairview’s history as a cultural pillar, the Fine Arts Center strives to inspire community vitality through various forms of art, visual arts and arts education.

The Fairview area is also host to a number of exciting annual events throughout the year including the Summers End Festival, the Peace Classic Wheels Car Show, Rodeo’s, Fireworks, music festivals and much more.

Actor at Dunvegan
Statue at Dunvegan
100th Anniversary Marker
Fine Arts Centre
Fairview Public Library
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Actor at Dunvegan
Statue at Dunvegan
100th Anniversary Marker
Fine Arts Centre
Fairview Public Library
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Where expansive space meets wide open skies filled with dancing colour over the plains of Alberta, you’ll find Fairview – a friendly community boasting a population of over just over 3000 people, perfect for retirement.

The Heart of the Peace area is home a variety of health care resources such as the Fairview Medical Clinic, dentistry, optometry, various forms of alternative health practices and the Fairview Health Complex which is an acute care facility offering 24-hour emergency care, an intensive care unit, rehabilitation, and palliative care. There is also a top-notch senior citizens complex, seniors housing fitness facilities, a variety of churches, and support services such as FCSS. Access to all amenities and services are within a short travel distance.

A wonderful environment for retirement, Fairview offers a diverse array of recreational and cultural opportunities – including classes at the Fairview Fine Arts Centre, activities at the Golden Age Drop-In Centre and the Annual Lions Old Time Country Music Festival held at the nature-infused Cummings Lake Campground.

Harvest Lodge – Modern Senior Citizens Complex
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