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With Agriculture being the strongest sector, The Municipal District of Fairview No. 136 has adopted the “Code of the West” which honours the rural way of life as a philosophical guideline for the Municipality. Fairview area contains Canada’s northernmost lands suitable for agriculture. Farm operation and crop production include:

Certified seed (fescue, brome, timothy, wheat, barley, oats, canola)
Forages (alfalfa, forage grasses, clovers)
Cereals (barley, wheat, oats, rye)
Oilseeds (canola)
Specialty crops (peas, flax, quinoa, hemp)
Market gardens (potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes, herbs, strawberries)
Greenhouses (bedding plants, trees)
Orchards (saskatoon berries)

Land Size by usage:
Total Arable Acres (Farmland) = 177,966
Improved Pasture Acres (Made/ Build) = 46,620
Natural Pasture Acres (Crownland) = 97,499
Waste acres (Creeks/roadside edges) = 5,502
Yard Sites Acres = 4,437

M.D of Fairview also thrives on cattle ranching with an estimated 5,000 plus head of cattle. Additionally, there are two sheep farms, one pig barn, and beekeeping is also popular. The M.D. of Fairview owns an Agriculture Research Farm, which is utilized by the Grande Prairie Regional College Fairview Campus and Peace Country Beef & Forage Association. The farm area includes research and plot tests for agricultural product growth as well as the GPRC beekeeping program and honey production site.

Heart of the Peace is home to three seed cleaning plants:

Dynamic Seeds is a newly built facility involved in the buying, processing and selling of forage, turf, and native grasses. They custom blend mixes for reclamation, forestry and pastures, and have a wide variety of cover crops available.

Fairview Coop Seed Cleaning Plant processes and dockages clean wheat, barley, oats, peas and canola. New crops such as hemp and quinoa are accepted. They also offer pedigreed seed and canola seed sales.

Golden Acres Seeds offers a forage seed cleaning and marketing service. They sell pasture mixes, hay mixes, reclamation mixtures and native grasses.

Other crop input suppliers such as Cargill Ag Horizons and Richardson Pioneer are here to meet your agricultural needs. Ag Equipment and supplies are available at UFA, John Deer, Kubota and Fosters Agri World.



The Heart of the Peace is centrally located within a vast region of active oil and gas exploration and production activity within the eastern boundary of the liquids-rich Montney formation, a world-class resource-rich area covering 50,000 square miles and involving current exploration and development of natural gas liquids, oil and gas. The Heart of the Peace also lies just west of the Peace River Oil Sands region, one of the four large deposits of oil sands in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin formation. A couple of hours to the south you find the Duvernay field, holding possibly the country’s largest marketable reserve of light shale oil and condensate, as well as a large amount of natural gas.

Major oil and gas operators in the local region include Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNRL), Birchcliff Energy, Harvest Operations Corp., Polar Star Canadian Oil & Gas and Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd. Many of these companies have been operating in the region for many years, employing staff and contractors to construct access, wellpad, pipeline and processing facilities in order to support the oil & gas sector we have today. Some of the industry service providers include Roy Northern Land Services, Sharp Environmental, Envirosize Oilfield Services Ltd., Gregg Distributors, Borderline Surveys, Big Oil Rentals Ltd., Dunvegan North Oilfield Services, PW Rentals, WCM Western Canadian Mulching, Swartzy Welding Supply, Baron Oilfield Supply, Dunvegan Fab, Sustainable Water Solutions and North Peace Mats.

Fairview is home to several regional offices including TransCanada Pipelines, Canadian Natural Resources and various industry service companies. These service companies are located within the M.D. of Fairview, employing staff and providing services such as land, environmental, survey, seismic drilling, downhole service providers, equipment rental, swamp mats, fluid transport, pipeline fabrication and construction, and oilfield construction companies located within the M.D. and Town of Fairview.

Fairview is also home to several utility companies servicing the local region, including ATCO Electric, Fairview Rural Water Coop and North Peace Gas Coop.



There are multiple sand and gravel operations in the Heart of the Peace region. The MD of Fairview No.136 owns and operates one of the gravel pits; raw material is crushed on a two to three-year cycle. The crushed gravel is used for the annual municipal road gravel program. The municipality also sells raw, screened and limited crushed gravel from its facility. Prices are set to not compete with local gravel pit operators, yet offer a reduced cost for limited crushed gravel to taxpayers for use on their property within the municipality.

For a full breakdown of industries, please refer to the Industrial Market Analysis and the economic data portion of this website.

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