About Heart of the Peace


HOPED is a partnership between the Town of Fairview and M.D. of Fairview No. 136 economic development committee’s to assist with the growth of the Heart of the Peace Region as a whole. HOPED is dedicated to promoting and fostering growth in the Heart of the Peace and consists of representation from councillors, businesses and stakeholders such as GPRC and the Chamber of Commerce.


Our Vision for Heart of the Peace is to be the area of choice to settle, nurture and raise a family in a modern rural lifestyle, as well as to relocate, expand or start a business.


Our Mission is to develop attraction and retention strategies that will bring new families and business opportunities to the region, as well as approaches to retain existing economic drivers.


The M.D. of Fairview is pleased to collaborate with the Town of Fairview to encourage and promote economic development in our area. The municipalities recognize that development is beneficial to the region requiring the support and promotion by both the urban and rural communities.

The M.D. of Fairview rural community consists of two hamlets, Bluesky and Whitelaw, and the scenic rural area surrounding the Town of Fairview. The main economic activities within the M.D. include agriculture, agriculture processing, oil and gas resources and services, trade, tourism and manufacturing. The municipality prides itself with a high quality of life and services for all residents while maintaining a strong sense of community pride, natural beauty, culture and history. We will continue to preserve agriculture as a top priority, encouraging progressive development, economic growth and an environmentally responsible approach that helps us maintain a financially sustainable future.

The Town of Fairview is motivated and taking the necessary steps in creating a vibrant and growing community. The Heart of the Peace area is rich in history and possesses a strong agricultural background making Fairview a very stable community with strong roots. The Town of Fairview has recognized the opportunities available in the area and is looking forward to sharing these opportunities with business minded individuals.

The Town of Fairview has a strong relationship with the M.D. of Fairview and the resources in place to make almost any project move forward successfully. Our community offers affordable housing, an abundant water source, high-speed fibre optic internet, an array of services, amenities and unlimited potential. Whether you are looking to relocate, open or expand a business, retire or raise a family the growing Town of Fairview and scenic Heart of the Peace is the place for you.

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